We design and develop iOS & Android apps, develop Odoo modules and integrate Odoo Enterprise on your premise or online. Our team leaders have a vast amount of experience in both the finance and IT industry enabling us to couple our technological expertise with a common sense commercial approach.
Engaged Users

Mobile Marketing Automation

  • Target individual app users based on indoor and outdoor location triggers
  • Monetize your audience with highly targeted content, messaging and in-app experiences
  • Uncover audience insights with rich campaign analytics

Mapping, Navigation and Way Finding

Bring your venue to life with interactive mapping and navigation that guides app users indoors and out with optimal routing to their destination. Add custom points of interest for your facility and serve users relevant, personalized content based on their location.

Aviation Solution

Improve passenger experience and increase revenue

Smart Code’s location-aware mobile apps provide on-demand information about flights, concessions, retailers and more, keeping passengers informed and relaxed.

Smart Code’s solution doesn’t end with the passenger, though: powerful behind-the-scenes tools make it easy to increase non-aeronautical revenue through promotions that drive traffic to retailers based on passengers’ location in the airport.

Smart Code’s mobile advertising platform can also create an alternate revenue stream for airports. Advanced analytics provide visibility and insights into campaign performance and the entire passenger journey.

Healthcare Solutions

Creating a better patient experience in appointment making, visits and after care

Smart Code enable hospitals, other medical institutions such as doctor’s surgeries and pharmacies, as well as private organisations involved in the sector to engage with their patients in order to substantially reduce missed appointments thereby driving productivity and efficiencies across the organisation.

A Smart Code App brings your patients closer to you and accompanies them before, during and after their visits. We leverage the latest in location-based technology in conjunction with the most cutting-edge smartphone capabilities, empowering you to connect with your patients in real time to improve their experience and your engagement with them.

Provide your patients with a portable digital guide and way-finding solution.

Retail Solutions

Market research has shown that 21st-century shoppers want real-time promotions and are willing to share their data in order to get access to these type of offers and perks. At the same time, only a small number of retailers are able to credit coupons and discounts automatically. This means that there is a great opportunity for businesses to utilize Smart Code’s Crystal to build sophisticated campaigns in order to target individual or whole audiences.

  • Geo-conquesting – delivering messages as the customer is literally at your competitors door
  • Weather as context – engaging with customers effectively based on their real time location
  • Business Intelligence – understanding who your most valuable customers are by building an in-depth knowledge of how they shop
  • Personalized in-store experience – identifying traffic patterns and customer requirements to leverage the location analytics at your fingertips

Shopping Centre Solutions

Improve your customer’s shopping experience and keep them coming back

In today’s highly competitive retail environment, customers want the most convenient experience possible when shopping in store or online. Providing shoppers with a downloadable app has many advantages and keeps them informed with up to date information on the latest in-store offers.

Smart Code’s mobile app for shopping centers provides your customers with the ability to easily navigate from the car park to their chosen store, as well as informing them of events and promotions taking place on the property. An app has the scope to grow the revenue of the retailers located within the shopping centre through some of the following features:

  • Promotions
  • Location-enabled messaging
  • In-app advertising

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